Our Mission

Our company specializes in Accessibility consulting for buildings, infrastructure, environment and services. Searching for an OPEN and ACCESSIBLE Society for all based on the value of INCLUSION. Developing with the respective authorities related to the process the Strategies and Tools that allows to promote and create the required changes and adjustments to reach the goal.

Our Vision

To promote the ACCESSIBILITY of buildings, infrastructure, environment and services, to allow individuals with disabilities and their families the opportunity to get around and integrate into the community with:


Our work is based on:

“UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”

A specific global treaty that attends to the needs of persons with disabilities.

The largest minority of the world

Approximately 10% of the total world population

About 650 million people all around the world

According to World Health Organization

Our Proposal

Our proposal generates a mechanism of action that allows ACCESSIBILITY FOR ALL, by developing the foundation required to make the change. 

The partners on this Project will be the local ambassadors and the gears that will push to the level of the compromise signed in the UN.

To lead these initiatives, specialists are required to lead this effort. That’s what our team offers.